Project Task Areas

From 2012–2018, the RODOS Center will address 7 specifically defined project task areas. In their entirety, they encompass the strategic research agenda of the Center.

The results of the research to be carried out will impact everyone. This is not only because the Czech Republic will acquire advanced tools and methodologies to forecast, model and manage its transportation infrastructure but also because it will be able to more effectively collect charges for the use of transportation routes. Above all, everyday motorists will be able to plan and adjust their trips based on current highway conditions. This will save everyone time and money, as well as added stress.

The following are the task areas, which make up the RODOS Center program:

1. Project Management

All members will take part in managing the RODOS Center. This will be done through two committees: the Implementation Committee and the Steering Committee. This task area will involve the regular preparation of summary reports, monitoring reports, implementation, financial and technical reports, which will be used to evaluate the progress and interim results of the entire program. Project management will also be responsible for communication strategies and plans for the commercialization and deployment of project results.