Products and output

The output and products of the RODOS Center will be diverse. To better understand them, the research program has been broken down into the following three phases:

  • Theoretical Research – in this phase we will obtain all essential input data, existing models, and simulations, based upon which we will create and formulate our plans for further work
  • Technical Feasibility Study – as part of individual task areas, we will examine laboratory test results and functional test results, and prepare pilot projects for small scale operational testing
  • Operational Tests and Demonstration Projects, Limited Operation – this phase will be crucial and will enable us to verify and evaluate our research results under real-world conditions, leading to subsequent steps, in which our findings will be put into everyday use

By carrying out these three phases, we will be able to develop and effectively test new systems, technologies, applications and services, which can be used in the future to impact the movement of goods and persons both here in the Czech Republic and, we firmly believe, in other countries as well. We will respect all relevant current and future standards and attempt to integrate many of these with our work. Everything will be designed to be compatible with currently operational and newly proposed systems. This will allow the RODOS Center’s output to be put into operation – making an everyday contribution to improving the transportation infrastructure and utilization situation.