Benefits of the Center

At the present time, nothing is developing more quickly than information and communication technologies. This major modern revolution has ushered in a mass expansion of mobile internet connectivity and a growing number of devices connected to the world wide web. Such devices are increasingly installed directly into cars themselves, but we can also make use of regular cell phones. The RODOS Center is reacting to this trend and would like to use this potential to improve the mobility of persons not only in the Czech Republic but also in neighboring countries. By its nature, the flow of traffic needs to be smooth and uninterrupted; and, given its position in the center of Europe, the Czech Republic is pre-destined to play the role of a transit country.

By connecting every vehicle to the information highway, in the near future automobile transportation will approximate that of airplanes or trains. By using high connectivity and the two-way transmission of real-time data, transportation as a whole can be managed more effectively.

The benefits that the RODOS Center will bring about are numerous. Two of the most important are:

  • The creation of tools to increase the efficiency of the Republic-wide transportation system, which will be verified in practice through trial operations and then prepared for full deployment
  • The tools and methodologies, which are to be developed, will bolster the prestige of the Czech Republic and increase its international competitiveness in the market for intelligent transportation systems. This is because the work of the RODOS Center has enormous potential for being taken advantage of and applied in other countries