About the RODOS Center

RODOS in Brief

As saving you time is one of our goals, let us introduce ourselves in a few brief sentences:

  • RODOS is a center for the development of transportation systems
  • We are a unique platform bringing together experts from academia, leading Czech private companies, and government agencies
  • We comprehensively address issues of modeling, managing, and optimizing the transportation of the future
  • We have at our disposal the most modern facilities, the best experts, and the power of the state-of-the-art super computer at the IT4Innovations Centre of Excellence
  • We bring innovation to transportation and are eliminating the age-old stereotypes which plague and impact each and every one of us
  • We are working with the goal of truly shaping and improving the current transportation situation, and are giving new direction to the field of transportation informatics

Introducing the RODOS Center

Have we got your attention? Give us a few more minutes to tell you more about ourselves.